In möbelebt it all starts with sketches, sketches and more sketches. No matter the time, if it is early in the morning when all is silent, or when my daughter Noa want to sit a while to draw with daddy, the important thing is to capture the idea on paper quickly. Then comes the painstaking development work in CAD, one by one all the parts, fittings and holes are included in the 3D design to ensure that everything will work perfectly. As a last step before it is prototyped we render the product in multiple color combinations and….to the factory!

Möbelebt is focused in continuous development, innovation, color, and eco-friendly materials. We believe in joyful and innovative products in form and design, and products that fill with joy your home. The current catalog includes 4 different collections, all combinable with each other, with many possibilities for customization and quality finishes:


sketches sketches 

and more sketches

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