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I can hardly remember a time when I was not with a pencil in my hand, it was always my vocation … invent, imagine, draw and create. I grew up surrounded by pieces of Tente, building and rebuilding over and over this and that. My first real vocational job was in a small family carpentry, designing furniture for commercial facilities, galleries and all kinds of cabinets and furniture. After fifteen years growing as a professional, with more responsible work, learning all there behind the production of furniture, I took the decision to return to the origin, go back, pencil in hand … to the conception and design of furniture, but this one that came out of my imagination, of course, influenced by my paternity.
I spent the next years developing a different, quirky style that could be described as animist, trying to give my designs a vital point that becomes more than just a functional piece. During this time I designed and built pieces ranging from cupboards, shelves and tables, in drawers and everything that comes into my mind. With the idea that a piece of furniture can be beautiful and yet functional, I tried to combine my knowledge as a woodworker and my technical skills, to create furniture with personality, leaving completely intact functionality.

After receiving many orders for unique pieces, I began to think about the possibility of making this my livelihood. In the spring of 2012, with my wife, Nayi, we launched möbelebt, willing the idea of “funny and uncommon” to germinate and settle in the world of furniture. Now we are parents… möbelebt, as well as our children keeps growing steadily. Committed to a happy and different design, beautiful colors, high quality construction and finishes, respect for the environment, and of course, functionality.

Jorge Alvarez


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