Nature is our home, that is why we try to protect it as much as possible by choosing responsibly managed materials, from our choice of materials to the manufacturing processes, to the recycled packaging our products come in.

All möbelebt’s furniture is made of sustainable, premium materials and is ethically produced in Europe under strong standards and regulations relating to labor, safety, quality, and the environment.

All möbelebt’s furniture is produced in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility, with state of the art dust collection to protect workers and the environment. All waste possible is recycled through licensed facilities, and wood waste is reprocessed at the factory into briquettes. In addition, our engineered eco-MDF panels are made from recovered wood fibers.

To protect our children and workers alike, we only use non-toxic, water-based finishes on all of our products, and all of our materials (solid wood, European Ash and Cherry wood and eco-MDF) meet the stringent European emissions standards.

Möbelebt commits to providing products that are healthier for families, and better for the environment. From bassinets to cribs, to beds and dressers, we will always ensure that our products support the health of your children.

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