Have fun

When we were kids, when our parents left us somewhere like school, our grandparents’ house for the weekend or in the park with our friends, they always gave us a hug and a kiss and they said, “have fun!” As children, we were very literal and knew what this meant. At that time, it was mainly about enjoying the moment healthily. Now, as parents, we realize that there is another level of meaning when we kiss them goodbye and tell them to have fun. We know that we are telling them to have fun in a respectful, full and allow them to enjoy the moment, much better if it is not alone, and perfect if they also learn something new. As Möbelebt, we have the opportunity to raise this notion once again and be a good company. When we say have fun, we mean:

Have fun designing

Simple, clean and intuitive products that are easy and safe to use, designed with joy and color and manufactured with a quality that will last from generation to generation. Designed with a European sensibility that is fun and stylish and reflects the needs and lifestyle of today’s families.

Have fun with those around you

Respect the people who work with us and treat them fairly, whether employees, artisans, retailers or consumers. Provide support and a safe working environment that allows working families to live and prosper, respecting cultural traditions, diversity and personal values. Pay people decent wages that allow them to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Have fun with the planet

Use natural, renewable and recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and reuse. Employ environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that promote sustainability. Have fun is not just something we say, it’s something we want to do. As parents, we want our children to inherit a better world than we find ourselves. As Möbelebt, we have the ability to make that happen.

The Möbelebt team

Have fun!

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