Crooked series will be ready soon

Jugglers is a show stopper.  This stunning piece is based on the concept of four people working together to reach a lofty goal.  In your home, Jugglers will bring color, art, and joy.  This special piece will complete a room.

We make Jugglers to order.  Each piece is expertly crafted and joined together.  The piece is made from high quality MDF panels and solid Ash wood.  We finish the piece using a multi-step finishing process that includes two base coats, high-quality enamels, and a protective layer of clear-coat.  We use high-quality functional and decorative hardware on Jugglers so the doors and drawers are fully and smoothly functional.


Jugglers can be ordered in any combination of our painted and wood finishes.  Please feel free to order color swatches and we are always happy to help with final color choices if you’d like assistance.

Jugglers has 3 drawers, 3 shelves and a door to store your treasures. The hands of our little friends are designed to be able to hang on them your favorite bag or jacket.

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